b'Windows onto the InfiniteMargot is self-taught as an artist. She was born and brought up in the French countryside, the youngest of three children. She has made drawings for as long as she can remember, although she never really paid attention to art classes at school. She would draw in the margins of her exercise books and was, she says, more inclined to daydream than to listen in lessons. Her family does not have an artistic background. My grandmother has never done any drawing and doesnt think its for her, she explains, My grandparents and my great grand-parents were farmers. They worked the land. Drawing wasnt at all in their vi-sion of things. After school she studied to be a florist and worked at this for a few years. She describes this period as one in which I completely forget myself. I was neither happy nor fulfilled.We sometimes repeat paths in life that dont belong to us. Whats difficult is to get out of that comfort zone and really be-come who we really are. Then, in 2014, she started drawing compulsively. It was a sudden thing that was hard to explain, but which she thinks was likely the beginning of releasing everything that had been stored inside for years; a kind of visionary outpouring of images. Since I opened my eyes to this Earth and the Cosmos, she says, my body and my soul have perceived a multitude of information, emotions and events. I felt like my body so full it could no longer receive sensations from the outside. Often, I had a mental image of taking my hands and opening up my body to help the flow of energy to come out. I had to find a means of commu-nication. I have never been at ease in finding the right words and drawing in-stead imposed itself on me. This was the point at which she decided to call herself Margot, to distinguish the person going forward from the florist that preceded her. From that moment on, she decided that she would do everything, entirely in resonance with my profound convictions. I felt as if I was a creator, giving birth to shape, which gets bigger every day, taking space and spreading. That is what I think at the moment. A thought is never frozen. It evolves at each instant. 14'