b'Windows onto the InfiniteThe large drawing, The Matron is one of a series of five pictures, Novaepoka that recount recurring dreams she had in 2014, the momentous year which heralded the end of one period in her life and the beginning of another, which she describes as, much more profound and personal. At this time, she says: I dreamt that either I was pregnant, or I was holding a child in my arms. It was a worry-ing period as I had a shop. I knew that the venture was in decline. And I didnt really know how everything was going to end up. I think that my subconscious was sending me messages to tell me that everything was going to be alright and that something new was emerging. That year I also twice saw a guardian angel in my dreams, which told me that I mustnt be afraid, and to let myself be guided and let go. I know what each drawing cor-responds to. I remember the feelings present and what was floating in the air at the time they were being created. They all have a particular significance in my view. They connect me to a moment of life. For Margot drawing is a kind of encounter. The blank sheet in front of her at the start of a work induces a feeling of excitement and expectation that is specifically related to the expected experience: I know Im going to find my-self alone with myself. I wont be interrupted. There wont be any interference from the outside world, and Ill decide to stop when I feel like it. It is an exclu-sive moment. She reaches for metaphors of natural processes to understand her own creativity: I like gathering pencil strokes, accumulating motifs, producing forms with fluidity just as nature does every day. People often see similarities with plants. Does that come from the fact that I was a florist a few years ago, or that I grew up in the countryside, or is it some-thing much more profound? I believe that all these construction systems exist in nature. As in this there is the whole balance. We are only a link in this natural universality so perhaps Im only reproducing the same construction of nature. If it falls in front of a wall, nothing will prevent it constructing, growing, adapting itself. Although she is not acquainted with their writings, these thoughts are in tune with artists belonging to the European Romantic tradition, like Paul Klee, Jean 16'